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Why own a doodle purchased from us?

   variety of sizes, types, colors, and interesting

         fur patterns


   proven to be

intelligent, loyal,

well-tempered,       easily trainable

versatile--parents and   puppies raised around           children, noise, and


genetically tested

parents for a clean bill of health

Puppy Culture Program, designed to give puppies adaptable behaviors for their new home.

   Most importantly,

our dogs are cared 

for with love, and are

truly members of the

family.  Although they

are kennel-trained,

most of their time is

spent playing with

 other furry friends,

  and keeping our 

   laps cozy.

We sell both Mini

Goldendoodles and


Double Doodles

which are an 

Australian Labra-

doodle and Golden-

doodle mix (our black

and white females). 

They will be bred with

our studs, who are

both Mini Goldendoodles.

We will certainly

consider shipping

your beloved puppy

to you under safe

conditions.  This

can be discussed

on a case-by-case


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