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  Our Fabulous Multi-generation Double Doodle


Ruffles pretty bows.jpg

Ruffles is a Double-Doodle. Her dad is a black and white Australian Labradoodle, while mom is a red and white Goldendoodle. She weighs 24 pounds, and is very curly.  She inheritd the Parti and Brindle gene, with phantom markings (dark brown). The stripe across her backside earned her the name, Ruffles. 

selah sit.jpg
selah lay.jpg

Selah is the only pure-bred miniature Poodle (female) in our program.  When bred with a small miniature Goldendoodle stud, you can be assured that their puppies will not cause allergies.  Her rich, red color will not fade out, so puppies that are red should stay that way into adulthood.  She is a bit under 22 pounds.

violet kisses.jpg

Is your sister always kissing you, too?

thought bubble_edited.png

What do you mean I'm not a human?


She is red and white, and a bundle of energetic joy with soft, wavy fur. At 23 pounds,
she is just the right size to travel, and warm a lap.


Breya may look like a poodle, but she is a curly mini Goldendoodle.  She is a solid red, and fits perfectly on a lap at 30 pounds (especially likes laying upside down for tummy pets).

Contact us soon to get on our mini-doodle list!



Mango is an AKC registered miniature Poodle.  He is still a puppy, but should be around 25 pounds all grown up.  Mango will also add that hypoallergenic factor to our Goldendoodle puppies.


Remi is our 25 pound miniature Goldendoodle stud.  He has that beautiful non-shedding, straighter fur with Chrome markings.

We are friendly, smart, and ready for the ladies!

     size Studs     

koda cool guy.jpg


Koda is our loyal, funny, family-oriented stud.  He is always happy and good-natured.  He weighs about 50 pounds, and is a gorgeous cream color.



Winston is our gorgeous, small-standard Goldendoodle stud, weighing 44 pounds.  His coloring is called Merle, carrying traits for layers of different colors. Winston is exceptionally loving and playful!

Meeko --40 lb. small standard 

Meeko is our 44 pound stud with a big personality.  His puppies from previous litters have been smart, healthy, energetic, and gorgeous.


Small Standard-sized Goldendoodle Females

Emory graduate.jpg


Emory is our "floppy-coat" doodle, having fur that is wavy instead of curly.  She is very loveable--just a bigger version of a lap dog (around 50 pounds).   She is a graduate of puppy training school, and flaunts her diploma whenever she can.



Sasha 2.jpg

Sasha is our regal, prancing Goldendoodle. She is 45 pounds of tall and lean beauty.  Her coloring is described as "sable phantom", and she carries both Parti and Sable genes.  

olive sit.jpg


Olive is an F1b black Goldendoodle, totally health-cleared from over 250 genetic disorders.  She is a fun-loving, 44 pound family dog.

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