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The Adoption Process

Waiting Lists and Deposits

--deposit on a puppy is $300, and is nonrefundable, but can be transferred to a future litter
 the order of deposits received determines the picking spot on the waiting list.

--deposits are applied to the cost of a puppy, totaling a purchase price of $1800 ($300 deposit plus $1500 balance when puppy is taken home).
-- clients that do not choose a puppy within 18 months of their first opportunity (litter), risk forfeiting their deposit at the breeders' discretion. 
--deposits can be made through Zelle, Venmo, check, or made in cash. 
remaining balances must be paid in cash at time of puppy pick-up

     The most efficient way to adopt a puppy from us, is to contact us directly, and let us answer all of your questions. Ours is a small operation, and we want to keep it that way--very personalized. These pets are extremely important to us, and placing puppies with the right owner is a priority.  Since each puppy has an individual personality, we want to make sure we understand your preference, whether it's active and full of energy to keep up with the kids or grandkids, or mild and mellow to warm your heart and cuddle up with.  By 4-5 weeks old, those characteristics will start to shine, and puppy picking will begin for those on the list who have placed a deposit. If none of the puppies from a particular litter "tickle your fancy", we are happy to move your name to the next list awaiting their forever home. Puppies go home around 8 weeks old, depending on their eating habits and overall readiness.  A veterinarian will check puppies when they are about 8 weeks old and administer the first set of vaccinations before we will release them.   
      We will take plenty of videos of the doodles playing with each other, children, and adults.  You will receive so many adorable pictures along the way, you'll feel confident you know the puppies very well even before you come play with them.  Once the doors of communication open between client and breeders, we will make finding the puppy of your dreams a pleasurable experience. 


nani hat.jpg
ruuf 1.jpg

       makes us
      wear a hat
     for a birthday                      picture.  Do we
  look all that happy? 
    Give us a treat for
holding still and we'll be
     done for a year.

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